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our Story

Hats For Little Humans is a children's knitwear company based in Perth, Western Australia, and run by me, Helena Nikola.

My late grandmother was an AMAZING knitter. She used to make everything from jumpers to cardigans and even dresses! I used to spend hours as a child going through her knitting bag and looking at projects and getting her to teach me all that she knew about hand knitting. As much as I loved knitting as a child, once I became a teenager I forgot about knitting and started on my pathway for a career as an Interior Architect. A little way into my dream job I sustained a sporting injury that saw me bed ridden for three months, and my Nana suggested that I should take up knitting to pass the time - there really is only so much TV one can watch! So while I was bound to the sofa, she would come over and teach me all that there was to know about knitting (again) and once again I found a love of knitting that I had forgotten for so long.

I started to make gifts for friends that were having babies - beanies, blankets and little blankets - and all the while started stockpiling a whole bunch of patterns and beautiful yarns from around the world. So fast forward to me being six months pregnant with my daughter Ivy, add in the prospect of not working for a while and the thought of having to clear out an entire room full of yarn and Hats For Little Human was born... just a few months before Ivy! 

I put a whole lot of love and care into each hat that I design and hand knit and am always looking at how i can make each item better and special for each little human that it is going to. I use natural 100% wool, cotton and recycled cotton yarns and focus on sourcing sustainable and ethically produced fibers for my hats. Due to the handmade nature of my hats, each hat differs slightly, making them as individual and unique as your little humans! Super soft, snugly and colourful they will keep you warm and cheerful throughout the cold months.

If you want to know how to care for your hats, checkout our FAQs page, or if you have any other queries just shoot me an email!